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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Most Valuable Gear

I know you've been wondering about this. Here is a list of the gear we have found to be extremely valuable out on the trail...

Wet Wipes - Have you ever had to take a crap in the woods while it is raining out? Well, if the wipes are supposed to be wet already, it works much better than the T.P. counterpart.

Bic Lighter -This is the most reliable method of fire starter out there. Don't mess around with the generic bull crap. Bic's are the real deal. I have had the same one the whole trip and there is still half of the fluid left. Match this up with a cotton ball mixed with petroleum jelly. This combo has started many fires with wet wood and even in the rain once.

Duct tape - What can I say that most don't already know about this wonder tape. It has been used as a blister cover, boot repair tape, trekking pole repair, tent patch kit, mug insulator, chair repair, and countless other things that I cannot think of at the moment or just haven't been done yet. The possibilities are endless.

Zip Lock Bags - These have been great for re-bagging food as to make the container lighter. They have also worked great as a cheap, waterproof container for our valuables.

My Wife's Hands - These are my personal favorite pieces of gear. They can do a wide-variety of tasks... whether it be cleaning the dishes, cooking dinner, or back massages. These little things are a must have!

Fannie Pack - This is one piece of gear that works great as a ditty sack for on the trail or in town. On the trail, it keeps everything within reach like maps, mp3 player, compass, and notepads. In town, it does the same for my camera and wallet. Style factor is an added bonus.

Contractor Trash Bag - This is the cheapest waterproof and most reliable liner for our packs we have found. It does make a lot of noise when picking through it late at night in a shelter, though.

Bandanna - This has proven to be a hat, bum washrag, snot rag, makeshift water filter, medical bandage, and even as toilet paper (I did throw that one away, I think).

Smart Phone/Mp3 - Some hikers are against this because they are trying to get in touch with nature. I, on the other hand, get better hotels and cheaper rooms than they do because I get to look up reviews, get different deals, and make my reservations all before we get to town. Also, when you do the same thing for 8-10 hours a day, music and audio books keep it interesting.

Vitamin I (AKA Ibuprofen) -  Helps take the pain away after a long day of hiking and headaches, too. It is the most prevalent drug on the AT.

Whiskey Mini Shots - This has the same effect as above but is much more fun. I prefer the latter myself.

Ear Plugs - We have already talked about these a few times for good reason. They are amazing when you have a shelter full of lumberjack sleepers. They also work great for ignoring the stray bear that comes into camp. If you can't hear it then was it ever there? Yes, but at least I still get some sleep.

Hand Sanitizer - The best way to prevent flesh-eating bacteria or just to get the grimey hiker dirt off before you eat a meal.

Also, We decided that we would wait to receive any maildrops until after we get back from our trip to Michigan. That will be after July 7. This is due to the fact that we will be in the Shenandoah National Park for a week or so and then are heading to Michigan shortly after. If you are interested in sending a maildrop, just let us know in the comments and we can set something up.

P.S.-U.R. if you still wanted to send me one, I could get it from you at the wedding instead.


  1. Hey Rob,
    Just wondering, how many wives do you have?

    Big John at work

  2. Looks like you two are enjoying nature..



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