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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Few Fun Facts

 It's been awhile. Truth is... we're lazy. I'll just stick to the excuse of "We're out in the woods. It's difficult to keep up on things."

Rob and I have hit a few milestones recently. We're very excited about our progression on the trip and are trying to savor every moment out on the trail. After all, the woods are our new home and there is nothing quite like them. I don't know when in society that the "real world" saying has changed to mean living in civilization with man-made things, having jobs, keeping up on Facebook & other social medias, cars, TV, indoor plumbing and temperature-controlled rooms. If you want to see the "real world", find nature. It doesn't get any more real and raw than that. I'm starting to rant on a COMPLETELY different topic. Different post, different day. I said fun facts, right? Whoops. Here you go...

1) We hit the 1,000 mile marker. We have officially hiked 1,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Who in their right minds would choose to do this? These crazy people did... and it's epic (I hope that word drives you as crazy as it does us).

2) We crossed out of Virginia! We officially conquered the Virginia Blues and made them our bitches. All-in-all, Virginia .We never really got the blues that is supposed to be common for hikers to get in the state. We're excited to see if the North will treat us as good as the South did. The "Mason-Dixon Line" is the Maryland/Pennsylvania border so I guess we shall find out soon.

3) We have lost a little weight. We decided not to weigh ourselves until we made it to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's headquarters in Harper's Ferry, WV (the mental halfway point).
                       Candice's weight BEFORE the trail: 158 lbs.
                       Candice's weight HALFWAY through the trail: 143 lbs.
                       Candice's TOTAL weight loss thus far: 15 pounds   

                       Rob's weight BEFORE the trail: 195 lbs.
                       Rob's weight HALFWAY through the trail: 171 lbs.
                       Rob's TOTAL weight loss thus far: 24 pounds   

We feel the best we have in a long time. I suppose that's what happens when you work out  everyday.

4) We have climbed Everest 8 times. Surprising, eh? No, we didn't switch continents. With the total elevation changes along the length of the trail, it is said that by the time you reach the end of the trail, you have climbed the equivalence of Everest 16 times. SO, since we are halfway, we have pretty much climbed Everest 8 times. Yeah, I suppose it's not quite as impressive though.

5) Our total wildlife count is as follows (that we can remember):

                       9 Black Bears
                       7 Ticks (they suck... literally)
                       3 Rat Snakes
                       2 Box Turtles
                       2 Ring Snakes
                       2 Bats
                       1 Timber Rattlesnake
                       1 Wolf Spider
                       1 Water Moccasin (I think)
                       1 Skunk
                       1 Baby Raccoon (aw)
                       1 Snapping Turtle
                       Countless Deer
                       Countless Grouse (that scare the shit out of you when they fly off as you walk by)

It's supposed to be a bad year for snakes and ticks so I'm sure those numbers will rise.

6) We're off the trail... for two weeks. Amy and Mark are getting married so we are partaking in fun wedding activities! Wahoo!

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