Hello. We are Robert and Candice Fox. We created this blog for people who want to follow us as we thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. If you don't know what the Appalachian Trail is, we will let our favorite online resources tell you most anything you need to know. Just click on the blue stuff.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mail Drops

Hello All,

Due to the recent inquires about people wanting to send us gifts, we figured it would be easier to cover it here. We decided that we will start putting the address of our next stop at the end of each blog post. We will post the address a couple of weeks before we get to our next location so that there will be plenty of time for the mail to arrive.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rocks and Roots

Suck. No, it's not the name of some bad 80's rock band. Literally, rocks and roots suck.  When you aren't tripping on them, they push you around like an abusive husband on a drunken Saturday night (Disclaimer: In no way am I implicating Rob). I'm waiting for the day for my boot to get sliced open by a jagged rock. I keep an eye on the ground but it doesn't seem to matter. They jump up at you. They camouflage themselves under leaf's waiting for you to walk on top of them. They lurk behind other rocks looking for the opportunity to get ya. Sometimes, they team up with other rocks and roots and stab at both of us at the same time. No, I'm not being dramatic. It is better than walking on pavement I suppose. It is always a shock on our joints whenever we first get into a town. We practically run to the first food joint we see and our knees and feet scream at us for doing so. With all that said, it is worth it every bit.

Taking a vacation within a vacation

So it has been awhile... We have been out in the Great Smoky National Park for the past week and have not had any time to post updates. But here we are now in Asheville, N.C. just taking a couple of days off from the trail. This will give us some time to deal with some of the real world issues. Nothing major, we both love Asheville and though it would be good to give our bodies some rest.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rolling on the River

Before leaving Franklin, Ron Haven, the local politician, invited us and some other hikers to a rotary club meeting where he was going to give a presentation. We all got a free lunch so that was enough to entice us all. When we got there Ron tried to talk the who's who of Franklin into understanding what the Appalachian Trail is. It seemed like some of them did not even know what the Appalachian Trail is even though it runs right though their backyard. A big portion of the towns economy is based on thru hiker traffic and that is what Ron was trying to tell the crowd. But either way the food was great and the sweet tea was even better.