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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Final Push

I have fallen in love once again. Sorry Rob. Maine has whisked my heart away.

The leaves are a sight to be seen with brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and purples taking over the landscape. We encounter lakes everyday that reflect the beauties surrounding. Everything is so rugged and pristine. We have never been this far from civilization thus far on the trip. Oh, and there's moose! I could not imagine a more perfect state for the AT to finish in.

The people are pretty neat too. I heard a lady state that the three languages spoken in Maine are English, French, and swearing. A group of hikers were hanging around outside of a grocery store going through our newest additions. Some had cracked open beers, casually drinking when a cop pulls up. The group progressed from jovial to anxious, as it was expected that he was going to lay down the law. He rolled down the window, he stated " Hey hikers! I'm not sure what the laws are in your state, but in Maine drinking in public is illegal. So please just pour it into a Styrofoam cup and no one will notice. Have a great trip!". Maine blows my mind.

Speaking of, we're in a weird state-of-mind lately. Not just the two of us but all of the thru-hikers. It seems that we already have this nostalgic sort-of-feeling towards the trail even though we're not yet finished. While Rob and I are ready to come home and take on our next "Katahdin" (more accurately lay on the couch for a couple of days, watch movies, get off our feet, and eat fruit), we can't help but feel like we're leaving our new home behind. We will forever be impacted by the many experiences, people, and places that we have been blessed with the opportunity of getting to know and see.

All right, enough with the sap. We're not quite through with the thru yet.

We have met a number of people hiking the trail for different causes. Whether it benefits wounded military personnel or feeds the hungry, meeting such people is refreshing and inspiring. A couple of hikers that we have been hikingwith are doing just this. Check out their website. They're pretty cool people with great causes:

Josh "Fluttering Whisper Dick" Farrell is hiking for business scholarships at the University of Colorado @

Tommy "Chatty Kathy" Freeman is hiking to raise money for a special needs school that is at risk of being shut down in Raleigh, NC. @

2,000  Miles!
Between the last post and this one, we have crossed the 2,000 mile marker! We have walked 2,000 miles. That's a lot of ground. We're currently in Monson, ME. This small town is the last stop before heading into the 100 mile wilderness. Hikers typically carry 7-10 days worth of food through here, as roads are scarce and towns are non-existent. We have seen more hikers here yesterday and today than we have the last month. It seems that this is the gathering place for our last hoorah. And a hoorah it has been. We've enjoyed a bluegrass jam with the locals,reminiscing with those we haven't seen in a while, and some really good food at the local pub (the only pub).

Monson Bluegrass Jam!
It's been cold and rainy the last couple of days so we have decided to wait it out and not start out the wilderness completely soaking wet. Tomorrow we head out for our final push towards Katahdin. I probably won't be able to make another post until after we summit in a week or so. It feels crazy just writing that. I'm excited to finish but also somewhat nervous about our next steps. However, the trail has proven over and over to me that everything has a way of working out.

It will.

In the meantime, Katahdin! Katahdin! Katahdin!

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