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Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Turning Back

It's official. We are hiking the Appalachian Trail. Not that this wasn't the case before but now we have ONE-WAY PLANE TICKETS to Atlanta! Yep, no turning back now. We fly out of Flint on Friday, March 16th and take our first step from Amicalola Falls State Park on the 18th. We revised our list of everything we need to get done before we leave and it is somewhat overwhelming. I'm looking at our dry erase board as we speak and we have 15 items (and growing) to check off. That equals out to about one item to cross off each day. Hmmm... perhaps I shouldn't be playing with the blog then. It's unbelievable how a list can be so long when your just going away for 6 months. Actually, no, it's not. We're going to be away for SIX months. Ahhh!

Candice's Fam
Rob's Fam
Each day that passes gives me more of a reality check. Went into Illinois a couple of weekends ago for my FOURTEEN-year-old nieces birthday party. Yes, the caps on fourteen in necessary. We realized that that weekend was probably the last time for awhile that we will being seeing my side of the family. It was a very bittersweet feeling knowing how much we will miss all of our loved ones but are doing so to attempt a dream of ours. I went bridesmaid dress and bridal veil shopping with the sister- and mother-in-law this past week and had a fantastic time. During drinks and dinner (emphasis on drinks), we realized how few opportunities we had left to do this before we leave. We are going to miss a lot of the sisters wedding planning and seeing our beautiful, Gerber-baby niece continue to grow and showing her how to wreak havoc in her parent's home (we'll be sure to show her this in July for the sister's big day!). Another bittersweet feeling. And then there's the countless, irreplaceable friends that will be missed everyday. Bittersweet. Why bittersweet? Rob absolutely hates the word bittersweet so I feel it necessary to plaster bittersweet all over this post.

So why then? Why leave so many things behind? Well all of that is in our previous post 28 Days so I don't feel like writing it all over again. Change, adventure, discovery, relationships, pushing ourselves and moonshine about sums it up.

More AT specifics for all three of our audience members to read are to come so off to planning our bittersweet adventure I go.


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  1. woooohoooo I am glad u two are doing great. Cant wait to read more and see pictures. have fun, praying for you


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